1. This coming Friday in Reading!

  2. Soul, Funk & Rare Wax. Free Entry. Cloud London

    Since May 2014, Antisocial producer Fish has been broadcasting a weekly radio show playing a diverse mix of rock, funk, soul, reggae, rap, jazz, blues, psyche, soundtracks, cover versions - in fact pretty much anything with heavy drums - that reflects his musical influences whilst attempting to steer clear of the obvious songs that seem to be constantly played on the airwaves.  To us, it’s simply one of the best weekly radio shows around..
    The Antisocial Show is broadcast live in the Manchester area from 12pm - 1pm (GMT) on ALL FM 96.9 and is also available to listen to at: mixcloud.com/antisocialfish

    Further, you can view a new video for the Efeks track Contemporary Classic also produced by Fish by clicking here.
  4. This Saturday in Reading

  5. This Friday in Dalston.


    This October, UK club night Phylum turns 14 years old! To celebrate, the event founders, MRfame and Jazz T have put together a run of events that include Micall Parknsun, Durrty Goodz, Dirty Dike, Chester P and Jam Baxter. More importantly Phylum is returning to a monthly format with an event first Saturday of each month throughout 2015 at the Keystone in Guildford.

    Very few things hip hop in the UK have lasted 14yrs! To give you an idea during 2000, Club night Kung Fu was the place to be in Camden, Braintax label Low Life Records was at its peak releasing tracks such as the seminal Taskforce anthem Graf Da Bus Up / Wha Blow on 12”, Out Da Ville were on heavy rotation on MTVBase and the Nokia 3310 was the hottest mobile on the block! If you ever shotted or did pirate radio you will recognise that mobile. Kung Fu, Lowlife, Out Da Ville and the 3310 are distant memories now!

    Phylum is in a truly unique position for UK hip hop club nights; still putting on shows 14 years down the road with newer labels such as High Focus, newer media platforms like facebook / youtube and new clothing labels such as Squared Roots leading the new school.

    Between 2000 – 2009 Phylum saw a slew of artists perform including; Jehst, Rodney P, Lewis Parker, Asavior, Tommy Evans, Klashnekof, Kzya and seperately as Terra Firma with Skribla, Danny Breaks, Mr Thing & Yungun, Prime Cuts, Mark B, Blade, First Rate, Respek BA, Freestyle (of the Arsonists), Yeshua, Huggy Bear, Jzone, Harry Love, Mystro, Skinnyman, Skitz, Million Dan, Jimmy Screech, Verb T, Kashmere, Diversion Tactics, Taskforce and many more.

    Phylum is excited to be returning to their first home The Keystone (although it was called The Powerhouse back then) in Guildford. Jazz T & MRfame really hope to keep up their tradition and legacy providing only the hottest shows around. Starting with Micall Parknsun, Durrty Goodz and Dj Jazz T to show case a brand new Parky & Durrty collaboration EP on Sat 4th Ocotber.

    To keep up to date with all things Phylum hip hop then join the new facebook page.


    A couple of weeks back, our bald headed mate up North released Broken Magic, a collection of remixes and never-heard-before tracks for a Name Your Price download over on Bandcamp.

    The impressive project that will no doubt be slept on by the majority of people who would otherwise really appreciate this type of thing, features Holdin’ Court co-founder Doctor Zoots, Boombap Professionals Elliot Fresh and Efeks.  TNC’s Dayse & Aver and a load of other skilled linguists. 

    Support this release! Go take listen for ya’self..

    Antisocial Music Bandcamp

    We’ve just announced our very next event.  In Just over a months time we’re back at Hysteria, Dalston with Jack Jetson of the label Real Life Drama..

    This month we’re switching things up, collaborating with Bring Da Ruckus and taking over the whole of our regular venue.

    OVERGROUND (main bar):
    DJave will be spinning classic Hip-Hop party rocker vibes overground in the main bar area. Expect all those classic 90’s golden era throw-back jams to get down to.

    UNDERGROUND (basement):
    Hailing from Nottingham, currently residing in Leeds City we have rapper Jack Jetson (Real Life Drama Records). Jack released his ‘High Five’ e.p in 2012 as a free download and since then has worked with Leaf Dog on the album ‘Adventures of Johnny Strange’ which dropped back in May 2014 and since August has been available on vinyl.

    Mr. Rive plays an eclectic mix of jazz, funk, soul, hip hop, neo-soul and nu-jazz. He demonstrates a deep understanding of music and rhythm due to his Cape Verdian routes. His notable ability saw him play regularly alongside Jazzie B (Soul II Soul) and hold down his own show on Invader FM.

    Updates & More Info:


    New sounds from Holdin’ Court resident DJ Ivan6 alongside South London beat-head Gonzi. A chilled jazz sampled instrumental perfect for that late night tube journey home.

    DLR is featured on Expansion Sound Vol.2 featuring dope sounds from the likes of AckryteDistantStarrSir FroderickRobot OrchestraMecca:83 aka RiseHandbookBuscrates 16-Bit Ensemble & more! Double-click here or on the image above.

    Digital download and Limited Edition Cassette available Here
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